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Kids and lemonade stands

As my wife and I were driving we passed two girls selling cup cakes on the side of the road. We immediately turned the car around and pulled up out the front. We were the first customers of the day, we bought two cup cakes. The young girls donated the money to charity.

I love this sort of thing, makes me well up inside. Kids showing initiative, learning how the world works by making, buying and selling.

I’m reminded of a time a few years back, sitting on my balcony watching another set of kids selling lemonade. A man in a $250,000+ car pulled up and started offering the kids sales and marketing advice as well as complimenting them. I can only imagine the impression this left upon the young lads.

Participating in a market is a great thing to be undertaking at such a young age. When ever I see it happen, I go out of my way to make sure its a positive experience for kids. 

Google Android surpases iPhone in the U.S.

It seems as though Google Android is starting to gain momentum. With Android only just starting to take shape here one can only assume Australia will follow the U.S. in the near future.

Google’s Android operating system edged out Apple’s iPhone operating system for the No. 2 spot in the U.S. consumer smartphone market in the first quarter, research firm NPD Group reported Monday.

According to NPD, devices running Android accounted for 28 percent of the units sold to U.S. consumers in the first quarter of 2010. BlackBerry devices made by Research In Motion, which use RIM’s homegrown operating system, took the top spot with 36 percent of the U.S. market. Apple’s iPhone, which had been in the No. 2 spot previously, fell to third place with 21 percent of the market.

iPhones in Australia

Here is an estimate I sent to one of my blog readers today detailing the number of iPhones there are in Australia.  It’s a quick and dirty estimate based on publicly available reports. It’s shot straight from the hip with no validation or cross checking. I realise there are flaws but the number feels kinda right. A good starting point is what it is.

From publicly available reports like this one you can workout that there are around 1.4 million iPhones in use in Australia. I’ve based this on there being around 100% mobile penetration in Australia. That is, around 21 million mobiles. From there 21 million x 23% (approx. size of smartphone market) x 28% (iphone share of smartphone market).

This is a rough approximation that is close to the mark when compared to not so public figures.

The 1.4 million is growing quite quickly in Australia. I can’t remember the link for the report off the top of my head.

CleanTech: Proposed Mandatory Energy Efficiency of Commercial Buildings

I’ve just put a new post up on my CleanTech Australia Blog:

Corporate owners of commercial office buildings with a Net Lettable Area over 2000m2 (or parts of those buildings that meet the 2000m2 threshold) will be required to disclose the energy efficiency of those buildings when they are sold or leased under proposed new Commonwealth legislation anticipated to take effect from mid 2010.

Read the rest of the article.

3 Mobile customers finally get iPhone

The Vodafone Hutchison merger means that 3 customers can finally get iPhones.

“It’s very exciting to be introducing it to 3 customers for the first time,” VHA’s chief Nigel Dews said in a statement.

You caan read more about it here.

Does announcing your goals help you succeed?

Interesting article on your goals and making your goals public, finishes with:

… those law students who had publicly announced their plan to read law journals and so forth tended to pick the larger pictures of their legal role models. That is, simply stating a strategy for becoming a good lawyer made them feel like they were real lawyers, and this inflated self-image paradoxically made them less hard working. They had become legends in their own minds, and legends don’t have to get down and dirty.

Scott Middleton’s Top 6 Posts

So my blog just hit 100 posts and I decide to take a look back over everything I’ve written (a lot of bullshit by the looks of it! hahah =)

Here are my top 6 favorite posts:

  1. 9 Lessons I learnt from my first pitch for investment
  2. Masterclass Series Presents ‘Building a successful e-business
  3. Short Sharp and Focused
  4. 1300-eatout: the power of a good pitch
  5. Release Early, Motivate Yourself
  6. Arnie on Focus

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Google AdVertisers get cheeky

You aren’t allowed to create AdWords with the text “iPhone” in them – very frustrating when you’re trying to advertise a service for the iPhone.

Some cheeky buggers have managed to get around that – I wonder how long it will last:

Cheeky Google Advertisers

The image is a bit dodgy, but if you look closely see that they’ve changed “iPhone” to “1Phone”.

The coolest business in the world – Smash Shack

What is better than smashing things?


Smash Shack is just a fantastic idea, I wish there was one nearby because I would sign up straight away. This business also has that X factor that makes you want to tell people about it.

Really cool.

Smash Shack.

I hate the word compromise

I hate the word compromise.

Compromising brings up pictures of not chasing what you want from life or settling for something that isn’t completely what you’re after. When ever I’ve compromised on something in the past it has always come with unhappiness and resentment. Those that are uncompromising seem happier and are achieving what they are after.

Maybe it is the idealist in me, but isn’t an agreement reached between two people without compromise the best possible agreement they could reach? And if they need to compromise, why don’t they both find others that they can agree with, without compromise?

There are going to be times when compromise is necessary, but why not search for solution without compromise first?

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