1300-eatout: the power of a good pitch

1300-eatout. It was a great pitch but unfortunately the idea behind it lacked, in my opinion, any real business opportunity. So, I wondered, how did 1300-eatout make it to the final round of the first PitchClub Sydney event?

  • The pitcher’s message was clear, you knew what he was proposing: 1300-eatout. It was repeated constantly throughout the pitch. (My repetition in this post will probably make you remember 1300-eatout!)
  • The pitch was short and sharp. Contrast this to pitchers that went on or over their timelimit and seemed to be rambling without mentioning the clear benefit or reasons as to why I would use their product.
  • The pitcher spoke very clearly and loud enough for all to hear. At the other end of the spectrum I struggled to hear a lot of the other pitchers.

The message was clear, everyone knew what the pitcher was talking about but the business idea, a number and website to book a restaurant, just didn’t cut the mustard. He had no real idea about how many people would use his product – “imagine if 5% of the $X million people spend on eating out went to my business…” He had no clear path of reaching those customers. He was also just in the “ideas stage”.

It still goes to show that if you pitch well, you might just get that foot in the door sooner.


5 Responses to “1300-eatout: the power of a good pitch”

  1. 1 1300 Eat Out November 23, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Hey Scott,

    1300 Eat Out Pitcher here! Firstly thanks for the positive aspect of the comments on my pitch! The Sydney Pitch club was a great event, and 1300 Eat Out was proud to be involved not only in pitching, but having given the task of sourcing the venue by Anthill magazine.

    My goal was solely to get to the 2nd round, so with only 90 seconds my content was solely developed around letting people know what we do, why they would use it and how big the market is.

    For the record though, the line was “if 5% of every restaurant booking made in the country went through 1300 Eat Out it would generate 10 million in booking fees”. Not 5% of the BILLIONS that are spent each year in restaurants around the country.

    We are also a little further ahead than the idea’s stage and have been trading for a year with a 300% increase in web traffic and call volumes since our revamp in August this year.

    Anyway the night was a huge success for us as not only did we finish runner up for the night we also landed three meetings with Venture Capital firms next week, so I guess it shows how true it is that a good pitch can definitely get your foot in the door!

    1300 Eat Out – The Easiest Guide to Eating Out. Your call!

  2. 2 Scott Middleton November 23, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    I apologise. I didn’t realise how far ahead you were. I’m looking forward to seeing 1300 Eat Out prove me wrong when it comes to the business opportunity. Good luck!

  3. 3 Steve M November 23, 2007 at 4:49 pm


    I went to the event in question and agree with you that 1300 Eat Out had by far the most impressive pitch, if not the most demonstrable product. Unlike others, the pitch was well prepared and almost passionate in its delivery.

    Like yourself, I had some doubts about the concept and whether or not it would be a worthwhile venture. So, like all good consumers should do, I put it to the test. I went online, signed up, booked a restaurant I had heard good things about, received a text a few minutes later confirming my booking details and enjoyed a great meal at Bistro Lilly the next night.

    Like all online service businesses, 1300 EO needs to drum up some consumer awareness about the benefits of the online experience (which of course will be a question of budget) which would ultimately answer the question of “Why wouldn’t I just pick up the phone and book myself”? After all, if we all took the pragmatic approach businesses such as Wotif.com and Amazon.com wouldn’t exist.

    That said, I think the winners were deserved, if not for their runner-up pitch, but for the visibly great product. I eagerly await the next Sydney pitch night…

  4. 4 Scott Middleton November 24, 2007 at 7:49 am

    Yep, the Acoustic guys sure did know their product and market!

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