The Art of Making Your Point

It is an art form and a very hard art form to master. I’m guilty of being far from perfection.

Making your point is part of your pitch, and as part of a pitch you need to understand:

  1. Who am I targeting?
  2. What will they understand? and most importantly;
  3. What are their hot buttons? What benefits will they get out of me and my business?

I repeatedly make the mistake of assuming that people already understand where Don’t Tell is heading, what its about and why it’s great for them.

It seems to reach the perfect pitch you need to become the other person, put yourself in their shoes.

The other night I went through the following thought process:

  1. I’m the person being contacted
  2. I receive an email from someone I’ve never met before describing some website.
  3. What is this website really about?
  4. Where is it heading?
  5. Why do I care?
  6. What do they want?

I know it’s simple but it’s something I often forget.


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