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Send out christmas cards!

If you haven’t already done so, send out Christmas cards to those people that are important to you. Say thanks, but only do it if you’re genuine about it.

Take the time to write each one personally – don’t just say “All the best Billy!”. Go down to the shops, buy some Christmas cards, hand write each one and get it to your intended recipient.

Some might call it networking as it does extend the 10 Traits To Becoming A Master Networker but I like to call it being human.


I Listened Too Much

I listened too much.

I know everything you read these days says “listen listen listen”, but I just did it too much – I wouldn’t talk at all. When you’re trying to start a business, that is sell your non-existent revenue stream , your non-existent brand and your non-existent product you need to be able to talk and your need to be able to talk convincingly.

By going to events and ensuring I was always in conversation with someone, cold calling people and firming up my pitch I’ve become a better talker.

I’m not advocating just blabbing to anyone, on the contrary I think it’s extremely important that you always take the time to listen to someone else. Not only are they probably a very interesting person but you gain an understanding of where they are coming from.

There is no sense talking accounting to a brick layer.  Just like there is no sense pitching the benefits of targeted online marketing to someone who doesn’t yet understand the benefits of going online.

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