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Broken Collar bone

I’ve broken my collar bone. I’m lying here on my bed typing with my only free hand, luckily it’s my right hand.

Maybe Ill become an expert one handed typist? 🙂

How did I do it? I’m fairly sure I’d done some damage to it about a month ago. Then just yesterday at the Sydney Big Day Out I joined in a silly game where I was tackled by two people. I don’t remember how I fell just that 5 minutes later I was in quite a bit of pain.

I did end up meeting Carl Cox but now I’ve got a month or two of being in a sling ahead of me. I’m also worried about how my collar bone will heal, it’s quite a big break. I will end up with a nice lump of bone on my collar.


“Yeah that’s a great idea!”

In trying to get up with thousands of Australian women interested in fashion visiting each day I’ve had a lot of “yeah that’s a great idea” from both male and female friends. However, translating that “yeah that’s a great idea” into a “yeah I’ll tell all my friends” or a “yeah I’ll help you create content!” is a whole different ball game.

You’re making a pitch to the individual, you need to understand what they’re after and you need something to back it up. When I first started telling people my pitch – “it’s this great place where people can share clothes, fashion and beauty you should help out!” – it didn’t take into account their needs and I didn’t have enough content on the site to back anything up. I didn’t ask myself “why would they want to help?”

Now, whenever I’m speaking to anyone that says “yeah that’s a great idea!” I start thinking:

  1. What is this person interested in? What are they passionate about? In this case of Mia her interest was in fashion and her passion was in writing. She just loves writing – so I gave her a blog!
  2. What is their situation? The first person I tried to involve in had just started a new job that they wanted to excel at. I tried to get them deeply involved in everything, I should have considered their situation and involved them in light, quick and fun tasks.

Once I can see the angle they’re coming from I look at what, at that exact moment they could start doing for Don’t Tell. It’s important that it must be something concrete, not everyone dreams as much as you or I do and can hang around for those dreams to start becoming reality.

Sydney Startup Groups

I’m not sure there are many groups in Sydney for technology startups (in proportion to the number of people that live here). Here are a few groups/events I’ve participated in or know about:

  • Sydney OpenCoffee – A great little group of people mostly with very early stage ventures (I’m one of them). The energy there is fantastic, we meet every second Thursday morning at the Brew Cafe in The Rocks.
  • The Sydney Chapter of TiE – I’ve only just joined this group. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.
  • Innovation ’07 – See the website for details.

So I want to cast the feelers out there, I’m sure I’ve missed some, are there more groups for Sydney startups?

tiinker is released!

One of my fellow Sydney start-ups has just announced that their site tiinker has left beta and gone public.

We are proud to announce that, after slightly more than a year’s hard work, tiinker has graduated from beta testing and been released to the public. No more beta invitations required. It still works just like before — you browse recent news and tiinker will find interesting stories for your based on your feedback.

You can read more on their blog.

Congratulations guys!

15 of the Greenest Buildings in the World

Take a look at 15 of the Greenest Buildings in the World.

It’s really great to see all of the green designs. It is even better to see that most of the ones that have actually been built are Australian! Go Aussie Go!

I’m also a fan of the India Tower, it really comes across as a great piece of art.

This year is the year

I’ve got a good feeling about this year. Last year was all about understanding the market for a few opportunities, understanding myself and putting technology, contacts and strategies in place to make 2008 the year it all happens.

This year I will:

  • Sign up 10 providers of Australian fashion products or content to
  • Push a second opportunity as far as it will go
  • Complete the first year of a degree in a business related area

Whilst it’s not in my goals I’m also going to keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.

On January 1, 2009 I want to look back and tick at least two of these off.

I am committed.

First Quote of the Year

I just love this one because it really says something for a never give up and never say die attitude.

“Oh no, I haven’t failed 5,000 times. I’ve succeeded
in finding 5,000 different ways that you cannot possibly
build a light bulb.”

– Thomas A. Edison, on his progress during his quest for the incandescent electric lamp

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