Maybe this is the time? (Con’t)

The other day I was discussing the anxiety and uncertainty I was feeling because everything was up in the air.

I was then reassured by Adam McFarland who, whilst we’ve never met in person, always sends great support and advice:

Hang in there Scott – I’ve been where you’re at several times (and probably will be there again). All I can say is don’t give up. More than anything else, persistence will inevitably separate you from those who just try once and than give up.

With some strange aligning of the planets or freakish twist of worldly strangeness I read Ben Casnocha’s post Finding the Unexpected: Creative Accidents and began thinking… maybe things are up in the air because they’ve changed and they’ve changed for the better, they’ve changed to continue in the right direction.

Even when people set out to act purposefully and rationally to do something, they wind up doing things they did not intend.

And then I read something on Verve Coaching of extreme relevance whether it’s vision or just plain getting your head down and getting things done with that vision in mind.

When the going gets tough and resignation creeps in, it may seem to you that your vision is dead in the water. It may seem that nothing you can say will ever make a difference. It may seem that the world has rejected your vision completely.

… This is where the discipline of speaking your vision becomes critically important! When you have no external confirmation that your vision is working, no outside indication that the world is accepting your vision, you have to be disciplined about sticking to the game plan! You have to continue to speak your vision, even if it seems pointless.

I’m pretty much settled on the fact that this is all necessary. In fact I’m more than settled – I’m loving it.


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