Masterclass Series Presents ‘Building a successful e-business’

Last night I attended a presentation by Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of (RE), Simon Baker in Sydney’s MLC Center. You can read the flyer over on BSI’s site.

It was a truely interesting talk that Simon gave. I like short posts so here is what I took out of his talk:

  • In the internet business where you are the “middle man” it’s important to focus on the ones that are paying you. That’s all well and good you say. However, when asked why Simon thought RE has beaten it’s competitor,, Simon stated that it was because RE focused on real estate agents, the people that paid (their customers), and getting the agents to put their properties up and pay for it. on the other hand spent a lot more time and resources capturing the minds of the end-user. By capturing the agents, RE in turn captured the agents customers.
  • Simplify your products. When Simon started with RE there was over 40 ways of selling the one product, by simplifying and focusing on 1 product RE became easier to understand and sell.
  • Simon was asked “I noticed you didn’t talk about the website, the features of the website or anything like that, why?”. In reply Simon said “And that’s exactly the point.” Beautiful pages, brand new technology is no substitute for paying customers and good reason for people to use the site.

Each of these points sunk home with me because in both of my ventures I’m tackling exactly the same problems.


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