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infome serves almost 8,000 businesses and hits 1,000 searches

infome I’m pretty excited this morning. infome has hit 1,000 searches! This means that we have served up almost 8,000 businesses. All this in just under a month.

The 1,000th search looks like it was for an ATM around St Ives.


Michael Jordan Quote

Had to put this up because it goes along the lines of the title of my blog, it’s from Michael Jordan:

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

New version of infome available

A new version of infome has just been approved by Apple.


This new version is based on how the application has been used and our thoughts on needing to make it more friendly and informative.

To download the application and view the full list of changes, head over to infome on the App Store.

Quote from Scott Handsaker

This quote really hit home with me because of what is going on with infome:

If you’re not slightly embarrassed about your new web product when you launch, you’re too late.

infome now has over 10,000+ businesses across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane

infome now has over 10,000+ businesses across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. You can search for cafes, supermarkets, plumbers, karaoke, bars, malls, petrol stations, hospitals… the list goes on. Most of the businesses are in Sydney and we have only just started to cover Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. We will be expanding this over the days and weeks to come.

infome – find anything from any mobile!


I’m pretty excited because tonight we have launched infome for all mobiles! Now no matter what phone you carry around with you, you will be able to access infome!

Just point your mobile at!

You should be able to search in a mobile friendly environment because our software works out that you are using a mobile and presents our site to you in a mobile way.

We’ve just launched it and there are thousands of devices out there, so if yours isn’t supported please give us a yell and demand that we make it work (because we will get onto it straight away!).

iPhones Everywhere

It seems that I can’t leave the house now without seeing at least a handful of people using an iPhone.

Maybe I’m being biased, but I’ll try looking for another type of phone… I don’t think it will be the same though!

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