I hate the word compromise

I hate the word compromise.

Compromising brings up pictures of not chasing what you want from life or settling for something that isn’t completely what you’re after. When ever I’ve compromised on something in the past it has always come with unhappiness and resentment. Those that are uncompromising seem happier and are achieving what they are after.

Maybe it is the idealist in me, but isn’t an agreement reached between two people without compromise the best possible agreement they could reach? And if they need to compromise, why don’t they both find others that they can agree with, without compromise?

There are going to be times when compromise is necessary, but why not search for solution without compromise first?


3 Responses to “I hate the word compromise”

  1. 1 Paul.E.Bailey April 8, 2017 at 12:25 am

    Compromise is a very deceptive thing. People are fooled into thinking it’s a way of two parties reaching a common ground when in actual fact it’s a way of them both ending up with something neither wanted. As you say, this breeds unhappiness and resentment. Either the two parties need to settle on one or the other or come up with something entirely different that they both like (which I guess is strictly a compromise, but not quite).

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