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Australian Mobile Internet Statistics Links

This morning I decided I needed to brush up on my Australian Mobile Internet Statistics. It doesn’t look like too much is new since my last post. Anyway here are some of the links I went through (they are by no means comprehensive):


I Heart Turnbull

I’m no liberal fan, in fact I’m no any part fan. I do enjoy politics and I do like people who stand for what they believe in.

Turnbull, you would have had my vote in the party room. Your track record vouches for your ability to create something and find opportunities. Your ability to take a stand for something you believe in is what we should all aspire to do.

What pisses me off is all this “oh we must disagree with the government because that’s what oppositions do.” Who gives a shit about political strategy. What about common sense? The government’s reform may not be perfect, but nothing is perfect the first time around. You just need to get out there, start doing it and adjust rather than sitting on your hands waiting for the perfect solution. It seemed like Turnbull could see this.

It also seemed like Turnbull could also see that a lot of the population is for taking positive action towards greener legislation.

P.S. Mr. Abbott, you just got torn a new one by Kerry O’Brien on the 7.30 report. Contradiction after contradiction. Backflip after backflip. Oh, and how can you ask us not to judge you by your past actions?

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