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Entrepreneurial Sales versus Sales Sales

At lunch this week I was chatting to Natasha from Streethawk about sales. The conversation bought out an interesting concept: Entrepreneurial Sales versus Sales Sales. Let me explain the difference.

Sales Sales

This is your standard kind of selling. You have a proven product, it has been sold in the past and you know it can be sold again. You know how to qualify people out of the pipeline, you know what the objections are, you know how to overcome them and you know what the key benefits are.

You can pick up a book like my favourite How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins, something from Zig Ziglar or attend any of the many sales training conferences and events.

Entrepreneurial Sales

This is a different kind of sales. You have an unproven or partially proven product. The difficulty here is you don’t know who to qualify out, you don’t know what the objections are, and when you find them you don’t know if they can actually be overcome or if you just aren’t capable of it.

It is almost a form of research that, at the same time, you are trying to get a result from (cash in the bank).

I wonder whether there really is a difference. Whether it is more about sniffing out a market that can be sold into (playing the role of Entrepreneur) and then when you find one that you know can be sold into you put on your Sales hat and start prospecting like mad.

It occurs to me that the ability to sniff out of a market might be something that can only come through putting your Sales hat on and trying to sell into a few markets that don’t exist (but that you thought did).


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