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Android users will surpass iPhone users in 2010

Android appears to be getting the traction it has been looking for probably thanks to all of those new Android handsets being announced.

Android users will surpass iPhone users by the end of 2010, according to statistics collected by Google’s Admob ad network, said Admob Team Manager Brendon Kraham. This is despite the fact that the data usage and number of apps on iPhone (and iPod Touch) far exceed those on Android.

You can read more over at MobileBeat.

Improving Android Take Up

I just read a great post on some of the things Android should do to keep gaining market share. It really sums up some of the discussions I’ve been having with people lately:

Here are things I think Google should do if it wants to be a true leader in this space

1)   Reduce Fragmentation of Android

2)   Build phone for the masses and not just for tech savvy consumers

3)   Improve App Store Experience

4)   Leave hardware sales to OEMs

For a more comprehensive analysis of each of these points visit the blog post itself.

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