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First Half Goals For 2009

Rather than set myself a goal for the year I’m going to go by halves because it will hopefully give me more focus and be more suited to the state of everything I’m working on and doing.

Goals for the first half of 2009 are:

  1. Become a better communicator
  2. Grow my network of business leaders, intelligent individuals and great people
  3. Launch and grow a special “little” project I’m working on
  4. Grow Don’t Tell (
  5. Achieve at least 2 High Distinctions at University

I’ve got more specific definitions of what it means to achieve these written down in my big red book (read little black book) so I’m looking forward to crossing some of these off with a big smile in June 2009.


A new way of being productive

I’ve been feeling a bit unproductive as of late so I tried to think about what was going wrong, why it was going wrong and how to combat it.

It boiled down to me juggling a few mostly unrelated things, uni, txtnsave, Dont Tell, footy, gym, going out and work. Because I had so many things I’d just procrastinate.

Now each week I set about 4-5 major weekly goals that go above and beyond the “operational tasks” for the week. It’s the end of Week 1 of this approach and I’m ahead, every weekly goal was accomplished!

I only set a small amount because things will inevitably come up during the week and you also need time to take care of “operations”.

Now it’s time to reward myself and party (Tiesto playing at the Hordern Pavillion).

This year is the year

I’ve got a good feeling about this year. Last year was all about understanding the market for a few opportunities, understanding myself and putting technology, contacts and strategies in place to make 2008 the year it all happens.

This year I will:

  • Sign up 10 providers of Australian fashion products or content to
  • Push a second opportunity as far as it will go
  • Complete the first year of a degree in a business related area

Whilst it’s not in my goals I’m also going to keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.

On January 1, 2009 I want to look back and tick at least two of these off.

I am committed.

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