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Foursquare And Starbucks Offers Fail

Foursquare and Starbucks have apparently missed the mark on their mobile offer because it wasn’t compelling enough. In hindsight there was too much work involved for too little of a return. People had to become a mayor which could involve a lot of effort only to be rewarded with $1 off their coffee. There were other issues like people always seeing the same offers, (not) geo-targetting, being less worthwhile than other Starbucks promotions (e.g. their loyalty card) and letting Starbucks staff compete. Lots of lessons to be learned from this failure.

You can read more about it on diji and MediaPost. For a detailed analysis of what they did wrong take a look at Forrester.


U.S. Bank Reveals Mobile Coupons, LBS and More

Even the banks look like they’re starting to understand the power of mobile coupons and mobile loyalty. The U.S. Bank has revealed mobile coupons as part of their mobile roadmap for 2010.

Although the details of the U.S. Bank coupon and reward system are vague they’ve certainly made it sound impressive. It appears as though they want to combine it with a mobile wallet. They’ve mentioned some LBS services capable of sending a coupon for toothpaste when the customer is in a grocery store. I’m weary of how well a feature like this will work with current handsets because it is currently quite difficult get the sort of pinpoint location they would need. Nevertheless, this is certainly a step forward for different forms of mobile advertising.

You can read more about it on the American Banker website.

Google Buys AdMob: Mobile Advertising Is Different

Google’s acqusition of AdMob gives the channel recognition and in mobile marketer’s mind shows that mobile is different to the Internet.

I got a nice little email from Omar Hamoui of AdMob this morning confirming that they had been acquired by Google and reassuring current customers.

Google’s acquisition of AdMob will serve to help the mobile advertising industry in general by giving the channel mainstream recognition.  James Briggs, the CEO Briabe Media, says “from an industry perspective, this deal will force a lot of other folks to take a really close look at the mobile marketing industry to better understand the impact that it is about to have on the broader advertising industry.” This is a huge vote of support for mobile advertising that should hopefully pike the interests and convince those that haven’t given mobile much attention.

“Google validated what many companies to include Millennial have thought for years – that mobile is a different market with a huge potential for advertising” says Paul Palmieri, CEO of Millenial Media.

You can read some more great opinions on the mobiThinking blog.

UrbanSpoon Generates $5k per 100k Visitors

Through brand advertising, affiliate networks, ad networks and citysearch ads UrbanSpoon is generating $5,000 per 100,000 visitors.

This traffic and revenue is predominantly coming through the iPhone.

You can read more about it over on TechCrunch.

Mobile Internet Advertising Is The Future

A recent whitepaper from Juniper Research shows that the future of mobile advertising is in mobile internet advertising.

Mobile internet advertising is expected to dominate all other forms of mobile advertising by the year 2014. Other channels of note in the future are personal messaging (person-to-person SMS for advertising) and idle-screen advertising.


You can read more about the report over at MobiAD or you can purchase the report from Juniper.

Engagement is key to mobile advertising campaigns

Amethon Solutions has published a recent report looking at mobile advertising. The key insight from the report is that mobile advertising must focus on high quality engagement with the audience.

This means:

  • Engaging in a mobile friendly form. Simply converting content from other digital media isn’t good enough. Mobile users need mobile friendly solutions. It could be that you only ask your user to enter one field rather than five because filling out forms on mobile is difficult.
  • Engaging with a mobile relevant message. Mobile messages must be suited to when people access their mobiles like when they’re out and about. So, you should be short, sharp and, if possible, local.
  • Engage with something special for your mobile user. If you really want to get someone to engage with your mobile campaign, offer them something special. M-Vouch is a great example of this.

There is much more that can be taken out of the report and a lot of useful information for mobile advertisers and advertisers looking to exploit mobile. You can get all of that information by heading over to Amethon’s Mobile Advertising – Beyond the Click Through page.

Thanks to Amethon Solutions CEO Michael Stone for sending that through.

M-Vouch CEO Todd Graham on Mobile Advertising

Last night at Mobile Monday Sydney Todd Graham gave a great presentation on mobile advertising that reconfirmed many of the views that infome is based on. Todd Graham is the CEO of M-Vouch a coupon advertising network available on 3 mobile.

Here is what Todd had to say:

  • Mobile advertising must be free to the consumer. There is so much that the consumer can do for free that there just isn’t anything in it to make the consumer. Ask yourself, why would they pay to receive advertising when they can receive it for free?
  • It must be easy for the consumer. Keep mobile advertising simple.
  • You can’t spam or push to the consumer. Carriers have a wealth of information on their customers but they CAN’T push messages to them because the customer will just consider it spam.  It must be opt-in. Additionally, Todd used the example of inserting an ad for Starbucks above someone’s messages on Facebook. This type of ad is more likely to annoy someone than get them to buy a coffee.
  • High ROI is a must for mobile advertising. Based on Todd’s conversations with advertising executives, marketers and brands need to see a high ROI for mobile advertising. Having a background in television Todd considers mobile a much more effective form on advertising than television. This is probably because mobile is a new medium, so people are hesitant and want to be sure they will see strong results.
  • Incorrectly target your mobile advertising and you’ve just lost a customer.
  • 25-35 is the most responsive age group to M-Vouch campaigns.
  • MAKE SURE ITS RELEVANT. M-Vouch ensures it is relevant to what the customer wants by being opt-in and being able to base the vouchers on location and category of what the individual is after. You’ve got to make sure your advertising is relevant.

Todd’s product looks great in action. He and his team gave us all a live demo where we could all text in and receive a free beer voucher to collect then and there.

I’m really excited to see where it goes.

Note: The bold points are the points/facts that Todd made/stated. The text that follows maybe my intepretation or spin on what he said just because I can’t remember his exact wording from last night!

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