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MEGA kickstart your mobile idea

The Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance (MEGA) is going to hold an information night on July 9th. MEGA looks like a great opportunity for people looking to turn their idea into a business or just take their idea to the next level.

mega is a workshop lab that incubates ideas for mobile content and applications and associated platforms. Working with many of Australia’s leading mobile and digital commercial experts, ideas are developed through a series of industry-led workshops before being pitched to a panel of investors, telcos, broadcasters, and industry mentors.
Our simple goal is to grow the entrepreneurial and creative capability of Australia’s mobile, digital and cross-platform industries.

Unfortunately, I’d love to be attend and undertake the MEGA course but I will be quite busy with infome. Going off and trying to create another mobile startup at this point doesn’t seem like such a good idea! =D


Burgers = Software

A comment made by Rob Antulov (3eep CEO) via Phil Morle’s blog really stood out to me because of the point it was making. That is, your next great feature probably isn’t going to mean success for your business if you just aren’t getting the basics right.

I really like the use of the burger shop in the analogy:

“We want to make great burgers before we try to open McDonalds”

However, I think it could also be:

In software we try and develop a new sauce for our burger thinking it will increase our customers. However, we miss the fact that we built our burger shop in the middle of the desert.

Failed Startup Post-mortem: Monitor110

I very interesting article that reflects on the ‘failure’ of a startup has been written up: It’s a great read.

It also makes me wonder, maybe I should try harder to make things “fail” quickly rather than trying to make them succeed?

E.g. What can I do today to see if this idea/concept/product/service doesn’t work in the market?

Coffee with Mark from RaveAboutIt – A Sydney Startup

Just the other day I had a coffee (well I had a glass of water and Mark had a hot chocolate) with Mark Rimmer from RaveAboutIt. I’m not going to say much about RaveAboutIt because the site and Mark do a better job of it.

What I will say is that Mark is a very friendly guy, with a lot of passion and focus on what he’s doing. I’m looking forward to seeing what RaveAboutIt gets up to over the next few months.

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