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Using Highrise For Personal Contacts

I just wanted to let everyone in on a new little secret: using Highrise for your personal contacts. Highrise gives you somewhere to keep track of everything you know about everyone (what was her new son’s name?) and keep in touch.

I really enjoy keeping in touch with all the switched on people I meet and I really want to make sure I don’t forget anything they’ve told me.

I’ve got a personal account with Highrise where I enter basic contact details and, more importantly to me, things they mention in conversation. What they like, dislike, their spouses name, kids name, their kids sports team, details on what they’re working on and more.

Now, you might be saying “who is this guy? some kind of stalker?” Well maybe! (=P) But maybe not. I just enjoy knowing about people because it matters to me. I genuinely care about people and one way of showing you care is remembering. For remembering details on lots of people (and be able to quickly access it) Highrise is one of the best solutions.

As I mentioned before, I like staying in touch. When you’re busy it is tough to remember when and with who you wanted to get in touch with. Not with Highrise, you just setup your tasks and reminders and let Highrise manage you and your relationships. I look forward to those emails saying “TASK: Call Joe”.


Head down, bum up!

Right now is one of those points where it has just been nothing but head down, bum up. For those not acquainted with the saying, this means it has been nothing but nose to the grind, slogging it out without much of a chance to come up for a breath of fresh air.

I’m loving it.

I was never really sure of the saying “if you want someone done give it to someone busy” but now I understand. There seems to be something about that momentum of getting things done.

However, being so deep down in everything I’ve taken on I’m becoming worried that I may be missing the bigger picture. So, I’ve started setting aside a bit of nothing time to let the creative part of the brain take over. You know those moments you’re on the toilet and you think “aha! I’ve got the answer!” – by giving myself a bit of nothing time I’m hoping those creative moments happen more often. I usually find they take an angle I hadn’t thought of.

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