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Release Early, Motivate Yourself

It is so important to release early, even if you don’t think you’re ready yet.

When I think back to the version of infome we released almost 3 months ago, I cringe.

Since then we’ve moved on a bit and just last night I was reminded of one of the biggest benefits of releasing early: customer feedback. Despite the steady stream of searches we’re getting nothing beats hearing the voice of one of your users. With Don’t Tell I was having quite a few conversations, but with infome we had the first this morning.

And mate, let me tell you it makes you feel good. I lent back in my chair and smiled – we’re doing something worthwhile. We’re creating something that helps people – what more can you want to do in life?


People are excited about iPhone Apps

It was amazing to watch two complete strangers discuss an iPhone application on the bus today. I couldn’t see which it was, I’ve got a feeling it was one of the twitter ones. They were helping each other with a few features and chatting about the application itself.

You read about the stats and you use the apps yourself (being the techie that you are), but when you see two “everyday people” talking iPhone it really drives home the statistics like a median of 5 apps per iPhone user, a supposed 10x larger iPhone web usage share than it’s rival and the huge success of the App Store.

What seeing these two people talk iPhone really means to me is that people are ready to make use of mobile applications and are really excited about it. It takes a lot to turn around and start talking to a stranger on a bus and an iPhone application managed to get someone to do this.

When a stranger smiles…

It’s amazing how much a stranger’s smile can do.

As I was getting back from footy training there was a group of people grabbing a bite to eat. I caught eyes with one of the girls and she sent a beautiful smile my way. I smiled backed and walked away in a state of extreme happiness (as opposed to tiredness after footy).

I’m going to try this smiling thing, I’m so sick of seeing bored, “I’m on a mission” and angry faces walking around.

I’m 7.2… Apparently

According to my blog is a 7.2.

What this means I’m not quite sure yet. How do I become an 8.0? Guess I’ll have to work a bit smarter.

It’s nice to have little things like this pop-up. Inspires you to write a post. Even if it is only 4-5 sentences long =D.

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